Denzel Polska

Bearing the wellbeing of our clients in mind, we have been using an integrated system Symphony(Polish Symfonia), which is offered by a company Sage, for a few years. Thanks to a variety of SYMPHONY (SYMFONIA) packages we can meet each expectation. They enable effective information administration thanks to efficient data transfer among the packages. This system enables also a data presentation in files compatible with widely available MS Office packet and Adobe Reader application, plus it enables an export of data to your banking system..

In order to present the SYMPHONY system possibilities, we offer products along with our subjective opinion in terms of their functionality:

the Finance and Bookkeeping Package

enables adjusting bank accounts plan to specifics of your company, thanks to which a reliable record of economic events and based on them reports and combinations, will give precise and essential information for making decisions

the Fixed Assets Package

helps with keeping record, stocktaking, updating values and extinguishing of fixed assets and immaterial or legal values

the Human Resources and Payroll Package

helps with salaries calculation for employees, contributes to carrying out Human Resources and payroll documentation and accounting for Tax Offices and Social Insurance Institution.

the Invoice Package

is used by us to help with preparing sales documents no matter what kind of business activity you manage(service or commercial activity) and the fact that your company exports goods abroad or works only within a Polish market also is not significant.

If you have any doubts connected with incompatibility of our software to specifics of your company, or you need special and unusual solutions, please, contact with us. You can be certain that we will do our best to adjust our technology to your expectations.