Denzel Poland is a member of a prestigous, international organization IPG, which associates auditors, tax advisors and accounting offices.

The guarantee of our services’ quality are high, professional quallifications of our team acknowledged by certificates and rights given by a Cancellor of th e Exchequer.

Anna Ramut- a certified auditor- number 12372
Dawid Stroczyński- a certified tax advisor- number 11888
Anna Ramut- a certified Public Accountant- number 15951/2006
Jarosław Wiśniewski- a certified Public Accountant number 22072/2008
Dawid Stroczyński- a certified Public Accountant number 30165/ 2008
Hanna Kucharczyk- a certified Public Accountant number 51826/2011
Agnieszka Urbańczyk- a certified Public Accountant number 60563/2013

The fact that our employees: Jarosław Wiśniewski, Hanna Kucharczyk, Dorota Machlowska and Agata Zajac are in the course of legal proceedings for certified auditors proves that we constantly raise our qualifications and deepen our knowledge.

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