Management payroll

MANAGEMENT PAYROLL- outsourcing of Human Resources and Payroll department concerning management staff.

Advantages of cooperation:
- the guarantee of data confidentiality, which is difficult to keep secret among executive workers
- an additional motivating tool. Presence on an elite payroll list is the most common distinction for employees.
- reliable payroll administration- in accordance with your company’s policy
- certainty of abiding by regulations and fulfilling all duties as an employer
- paying in due time all legal and public commitments connected with payroll
- a guarantee of working in compliance with the latest labour law, social securities and tax law regulations

An integral part of a management payment service is paying salaries by our company and preparing Social Security declarations. We will prepare a strategy of passing and keeping data confidential as well as information procedures flow

The service entails:
- comprehensive accounting
- Human Resources and payroll
- management payroll
- functional bookkeeping
- functional human resources and payroll Human Resources administration
- audits
- tax advising
- due diligence

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