Price list

Denzel Polska

We negotiate the price of our services with each client individually. It enables to adjust the price and offer to our clients’ needs and requirements, and to the range of assigned tasks. Thanks to such a solution our cooperation is effective and satisfying for both sides.

We use retainer fees as well as fees depending on the amount of employees, number of journal entries or time devoted to realization of a particular task.

It is up to a client which system of payment is the most suitable.

A flat monthly fee is negotiated with the client. So called retainer fee is a good solution which enables to plan a company’s expenditures precisely.

However, sometimes more favourable are variable fees, which depend on:
– the amount of accountants’ entries
– the amount of the clients’ employees (in case of human- resources and payroll services)
– the amount of time devoted to a particular service in a clearing period (most frequently a month)
– a place of work of our company employee (Denzel’s or the client’s main office)

It is an attractive offer for clients with variable movement of documents in clearing periods and variable demand to our services during our cooperation.

You are the most welcome to contact us. We will be pleased to evaluate services you are interested in, on the basis of one of the presented systems of payment. First we determine the needs, then we present an evaluation, which does not oblige you to start the cooperation.