HR and payroll

Denzel Polska

Human Resources and Payroll– full scope administration of human resources and payroll departments by separating them from organizational structures of a company.
It may be either a supplement of human- resources and finance services for your company , or a separate outsourcing solution.


– the guarantee of correct payment calculations, keeping employees’ personal files according to requirements of labour law, tax law and social insurance regulations
– raising the efficiency of human resources management stemming from the lack of additional costs connected with adjusting Your technological infrastructure and staff costs, which include training and payments of human- resources department’s employees.100% confidentiality of human-resources and payroll data, which are often the reason of arguments
– minimizing risk

Human Resources and Payroll service consists mainly of complete payroll administration, which entails:

– calculation of salaries and preparing payroll lists
– calculation of Social Security contributions (ZUS) and preparation of monthly declarations
– preparation of monthly reports such as payslips and / or RMUA for insured employees
– calculation of employees’ income tax and preparation of monthly declarations
– calculation of contributions to State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People (PFRON), preparation and delivery of a monthly declaration
– calculation of salaries for the period of a sick leave, sick leave allowances etc.
– preparation of information concerning due payroll tax and Social Security contributions on scheduled dates
– preparation of salary transfers
– administration of employees’ payroll report
– preparation of payroll reports for Management Board
– preparation of annual statements concerning personal income and personal income tax advances(PIT-11, PIT-40)
– preparation of information concerning employees’ incomes for retirement or pension purposes (RP-7)preparation of reports concerning employment and salaries for Statistical Office, particularly Z-01, Z-03, Z-06
– The payroll service is complemented by external Human Resources administration