Functional bookkeeping

Denzel Polska

Functional bookkeeping– applying functional outsourcing, which depends on removing from the structure of financial and HR department only particular tasks or functions in order to lower the costs or improve the effectiveness of mentioned tasks and functions.

Advantages of cooperation steming from overtaking chosen functions:

– lowering the costs connected with assigning particular departments, tasks or expensive and demanding more engagement issues which are a part of company’s structure
– an access to highly specialized knowledge, valid regulations and employees’ experience
– minimizing the risk of error occurrence or failure to finish work on time
– solving problems that are untypical and rare for a company by an experienced team

As a part of taking over chosen functions of bookkeeping we offer in particular:
– keeping the company’s books in cooperation with, under a supervision of a person dealing with all the financial matters of a company (a financial director, a controlling specialist , a manager etc.)
– taking over of chosen functions and tasks (billing, making registers for example: VAT, tax calculations)
– preparing monthly reports for Polish and foreign receivers
– keeping records of fixed assets, remitances and overestimations according to accounting rules and tax regulations
– temporary assistance for accounting department (during holidays, sick-leaves, a great amount of work)
– creating accounting policy
– adjusting the chart of accounts to changing needs of a client or to new clients
– working in the field of budget and preparing controlling tools
– giving substantial, organizational and technical support through the realization of a client’s projects