Elektronic signature

Denzel Polska

A safe electronic signature

Pursuant to ART.40 of the 17th February 2005 Act (concerning informatization of units’ activities realizing public tasks)social contributions and/ or health contributions payers, which are obliged to send insurance documents and their corrections in an electronicl form will have to sign them with the electronic signature.

Having a safe electronic signature we can hand in declarations to Social Insurance Company (ZUS ) on your behalf. At the same time you can be relieved of formal issues connected with obtaining the electronic signature as well as you will not have to pay the costs of obtaining and renewing this signature.

All you need to do is to grant us written authorization, and our company will be able to affix an electronic signature to your declarations. It is worth mentioning that due to ongoing electronization of business and public life, the safe electronic signature is becoming more and more popular.

We can use it, among others, to:
– hand in tax declarations by electronic means
– an electronic exchange of information with public administration
– prepare electronic invoices