Due diligence

Denzel Polska

Due diligence is used before mergers and take overs, as well as before investing by an external investor. A reliably conducted examination of your company’s situation will provide you with credible and objective information about an entity embraced by the due diligence procedure.

A basic range of due diligence, which we offer to you, includes financial-accounting aspects as well as tax aspects.

The financial- accounting range of due diligence entails:
– verifying if evaluation of assets and liabilities is correct
– assessing if a financial result is correct
– identifying significant changes in the field of assets, liabilities, income and costs,
– assessing the influence of contracts on a financial and property situation of an entity
– identifying and assessing sale trends of an entity and a general trend on the market

The tax aspect of due diligence entails identifying significant tax threats, assessing tax calculations and their accuracy, analyzing possible risk areas