Comprehensive bookkeeping

Denzel Polska

Comprehensive bookkeeping– carrying out full accounting books of a company in every dimension and area through removing accounting from organizational structure of a company

Advantages of cooperation in the field of comprehensive bookkeeping:

– more focus on strategic issues of a company

– a reduction of expenditures on employment and equipment of work places

– access to the latest knowledge and regulations, no money spent on training

– methods and accounting tools are adjusted to individual needs of a company

– creation of an appropriate system that will be a high quality tool in effective and successful management of a company

The service of comprehensive bookkeeping entails:

– keeping the books according to regulations of the Polish accounting act

– keeping the books according to International Accounting Standards

– creating an opening balance, accounting policy as well as creating and adjusting company’s bank accounts plans – ongoing recording of economic operations

– carrying out records of tangible assets, sinking and overestimation according to accounting and tax regulations

– making an annual financial report

– making other reports demanded by law, for example to statistical offices

– preparing all demanded declarations and tax settlements as well as documentation connected with it

– tax calculations

– handing in tax declarations to tax offices and staying in touch with the offices because of tax issues