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Denzel Polska

Denzel Polska is merging with RSM Poland

At the turn of May and June, RSM Poland, one of the fastest growing consultancy firms in the Polish market, will have acquired Denzel Polska. As a result of the merger, Denzel Polska professionals and RSM Poland experts will from then on work as a team of 250 employees: tax advisors, chartered auditors, accountants, HR and payroll specialists, lawyers and experienced consultants, that can offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services provided to our clients under one brand name: RSM, in our branch offices in Katowice, Poznan, Stettin and Warsaw. Owing to the acquisition of Denzel Polska by RSM Poland we can take advantage of the synergy and better use of business opportunities arising not just in the area of Katowice but in the entire territory of Poland. We are fully confident that bringing the forces and operations together under one roof, of the RSM brand name, will strengthen our presence in the market and open up new opportunities both for our clients and our employees, says Anna RAMUT, President of the Management Board of Denzel Polska. The acquisition of Denzel Polska constitutes another chapter in the history of the dynamic development of RSM Poland, and just another step forward in the process of taking up the position of one of the largest firms in Poland offering accounting, auditing and consultancy services, adds Bartosz MIŁASZEWSKI, Managing Partner in RSM Poland. RSM Poland has been operating in the Polish market for over 20 years now, providing services to Polish and foreign business entities actively engaged in international transactions. RSM Poland is a member of RSM, a leading network of independent consultancy and auditing firms, with 750 offices in 116 countries and employs more than 41,000 specialists worldwide. More information about RSM Poland is on the website: www.rsmpoland.pl/en

Advantages of cooperation with Denzel Poland:

  • access to specialist knowledge (know- how) and experience on each stage of cooperation
  • raise the efficiency of Human Resources Management based on a complete analytical information
  • growth of economic indicators on the basis of accurate analytic information
  • reduction of prime costs resulting from reduced workforce
  • the removal of unproductive and time consuming areas from the organizational structure
  • freeing up financial means and focusing on the more strategic opportunities and core activities of your company
  • the preservation of data confidentiality
  • raise the sense of security and shift the responsibilty for wrong decisions or incompetent personnel
  • reduce the response time to difficult and unexpected situations

We are a modern company having been on the market since 2006. Our company offers complete accounting services plus payroll and human resources services. We also are fully competent and experienced in performing audits. (a certificate no. 3801). In 2013 we joined International Practice Group (IPG), which is an international organization for highly- regarded auditors, tax advisers and accounting offices from all over the world. 

Guarantee of quality100%
Customer satisfaction100%
We always give of ourselves:100%

Our team consists of highly qualified employees, who constantly develop their skills and gain new qualifications. We care about providing services with the latest technology. We are also experienced in cooperation with foreign capital clients and clients with departments in different parts of the world, i.e. in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States. We have a flexible approach towards a client. We adapt our offer, tools and methods to specific needs.